Repositioning a rapidly growing management consulting firm


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Small businesses often face formidable challenges when they market their services and compete for new business. Although they may be perfectly capable of providing the expertise a job requires, they may lack the name recognition, large staff, and long track record that their more established competitors can showcase. As a result, it is essential for these smaller firms to have a strong brand and marketing communications that clearly convey their capabilities, set themselves apart, look great, and speak effectively to the needs of their potential clients.


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Kingstonville is a small management consulting firm that provides program management, risk management, and administrative management support for federal agencies and selected mission-driven private sector companies, nonprofits, and schools. In recent years, the firm has experienced great success and has grown rapidly in the government sector. They decided that it was time to focus more on their internal marketing initiatives so they could continue their upward trajectory.


Kingstonville originally hired All Things Creative to produce a digital marketing campaign that would promote its core services and refresh a few areas of outdated content on its website. However, as we engaged with them to learn more about their business, we discovered that we needed to address a fundamental problem: Kingstonville didn’t have a promotion problem, they had a positioning problem. As they had grown and added more clients and services, their focus areas and strengths had become unclear, and they were failing to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


Although we recognized the value of creating a digital marketing campaign that would increase awareness of Kingstonville’s services, we also understood that the campaign would be unsuccessful if it drove new traffic to a website that didn’t present Kingstonville as effectively as it could. Our solution was to go back to the basics—to clearly identify who Kingstonville is and who they serve, to establish their positioning, to tighten up and tailor their messaging, and to update their communications to reflect their positioning.

We put the digital marketing campaign on hold to focus on Kingstonville’s branding and messaging. Over the subsequent months, we worked closely with their team and wrote, designed, and launched an entirely new website for the firm.


We began by conducting a comprehensive communications audit of Kingstonville’s website and marketing collateral and conducted interviews with their team so we could understand their business and target audiences.

Building on that foundation, we developed a messaging strategy that communicated the key consumer benefit of Kingstonville’s services and focused on the firm’s top three areas of expertise. We then wrote website content that aligned with the messaging strategy and redesigned the website, giving it a more modern look and a user-friendly content management system.


The result was that we created a new and improved website that is helping Kingstonville establish a stronger position in the market and achieve even greater success. Their team has successfully used the messaging strategy we developed to guide their pitches to prospective clients and to focus future digital marketing campaigns.


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