What are you thankful for? Participate in the #whatREALLYmatters campaign!

We all know that the Thanksgiving season is the official start of the retail sales FRENZY. People are preparing to flood the malls and empty their pockets. Stores are opening as early as 5pm on Thanksgiving Day this year to bring in more customers.


This focus on consumerism really bugs me, so I’m bringing the focus back to what’s REALLY important—being grateful for what we already have, both the tangible and intangible.


I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! From now through the end of the year, we’re running a #whatREALLYmatters social media campaign and want your participation. Just comment on this post below with a sentence (or a list, if you like) that summarizes what you are thankful for this season. I’ll post them on our Twitter and Instagram feeds and feature them in next month’s newsletter.


Feel free to submit more than once—ANY time you have a gracious thought, leave a comment, tweet us @atcr8v using #whatREALLYmatters, or post on Instagram and tag us @atcr8v using #whatREALLYmatters and it will be added to the queue.


Let’s flood the media with positive thoughts and bring the focus back to what really matters this holiday season!

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Robyn Short


Robyn is a Creative Problem Solver who lives at the intersection of design and business. Her company, All Things Creative, provides branding, design, and marketing assistance to businesses who are serious about growing to the next level. Follow Robyn on Twitter.

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