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ShareServe gives current students and graduates the opportunity to reduce college debt and gain experience while serving their communities. Its mission is for Servers to become more financially sound, enter their dream careers, and then become a Sharer for those who will follow them. The ultimate goal is to remove the burden of debt by providing opportunities for career advancement through community service.

The logo for ShareServe emphasizes the sharing aspect of the relationship, as Sharers and Servers work together for mutual benefit. An energetic yet professional green and blue are used, and the letters create a strong foundation. The dollar sign shape emphasizes ShareServe’s main goal of eradicating debt, while the arrow in the ‘E’ denotes movement and action as the program and its members create opportunities.

A landing page was developed as a pre-launch tool to develop brand awareness and build an audience among students & recent grads. The data collected would be used to demonstrate value to companies, encouraging them to become Servers.

Recognizing ShareServe’s core audience, a simplified version of the site was created for the mobile platform, allowing users to quickly and easily sign up and follow ShareServe through social media.

The full website allows full account functionality as well as other advanced features such as counters on the home and profile pages, financial integration, and helpdesk integration.