Southern Baptist Church Bible School Identity

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Southern Baptist Church Bible School Identity

The mission of Southern Baptist Church Bible School is to maintain a program of Biblical education through which people can gain more knowledge of God’s word. The school seeks to challenge people to understand the Bible and incorporate its principles into their lives in order to enhance their spiritual and personal growth, as well as their love for God and mankind. The school also offers an External Diploma Program, providing students with an opportunity to earn a high school diploma.


Through its track record of success in these programs, the school recently became independently accredited. This has created an opportunity for more exposure and growth. As a result, the school needed a professional identity that would convey the essence of its mission and vision.


Images were chosen that most closely identified with the school’s goals and foundational attributes. The cross represents the school’s focus on God. The dove and the olive branches symbolize a new beginning and a new opportunity for the institution and its students. The focal point of the image is an open book, representing study as well as the bible—the foundation of the curriculum. These images rest on the shield of faith, surrounded by a purple ribbon representing success. The school’s foundational scripture is shown under the ribbon.


The colors have a special meaning as well. Purple symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, and enlightenment. Gold is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. White symbolizes wholeness and completion. These colors combine to represent the idea of spiritual enlightenment, achievement, and the success gained from completing one’s education and elevating oneself in life and in ministry.


In May 2014, the school conferred Associates in Biblical Studies degrees to 5 students in it’s first Graduation and Baccalaureate ceremonies. The graduating class, desiring to leave a mark on the institution and commemorate this historic occasion, hired All Things Creative to design a 6’x2’ banner for the school. The banner was presented to the Dean during the Graduation.