Cision Website

Cision Website

Cision, the global media intelligence company and leader in PR and social software, needed a new look for their family of companies. After Cision acquired several other companies, each with their own identities, the brand became very disjointed. After undergoing a rebrand to better represent their family of companies, Cision wanted a central hub of information to provide an overview of all of their products and services and to serve as a gateway to their child companies such as HARO. Their main goals were to:

  • Design a Global site that reflected the new brand and sub-brands to eliminate confusion among existing and prospective customers
  • Redesign the Blog to provide a more rich integration with social
  • Redesign a Careers site that better reflects the company culture and allow them to attract top talent


Cision Global
The overall user experience was designed to guide visitors through the various products and services and make it easy to contact the company for a customized solution. An adaptive mobile user experience was designed to make the user interface and navigation more accessible on mobile.

Cision Blog
Since Cision is highly regarded for its content, the new blog design better presented this content and made it easier to search for information. Due to the volume of content they produce, the company needed a better platform to host and push out this information. In collaboration with Cision’s internal developers, a custom WordPress admin interface was built to facilitate rapid daily updates from internal product and marketing teams while maintaining the integrity of the design. This was a critical component of the website redesign, as the previous website did not make this easy.

Cision Careers
The previous careers site was a bit dated in design and often confusing to job seekers. Cision is known for its people-first company culture, amazing workspace, and promising career trajectory. They really wanted this to come through in their careers site, while making it easy for job seekers to search and apply for open positions.