Career Guidance Toolkit

Youth for the Future (Y4F) is a program of the International Youth Foundation (IYF) carried out in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Jordan. The goal of the program is to support youth at-risk in realizing productive and rewarding roles in society, while helping Jordanian society maximize the energy, talent, and enthusiasm of today’s young generation.

Based on its work with community-based organizations, IYF found that insufficient knowledge of career paths available to young people is a primary barrier to their entry into the labor force. As a result of this urgent need to support Jordan’s youth and familiarize them with possible career paths, IYF utilized international experts along with its own team to develop a career guidance program entitled My Career, My Future: A Reference Guide for Career Guidance Facilitators that is based on locally adapted international standards and responds to Jordan’s national strategy for career guidance.

IYF and All Things Creative worked together to design this toolkit, which includes a reference guide, facilitator guides, and a compilation of activities, lesson plans, and resources for career guidance facilitators. The overall cover concept was created to represent overcoming lack of information and resources (the biggest obstacle or “wall”) and taking the necessary steps toward success through career planning. The module covers illustrated the overall concept of the content within the modules. We worked with IYF to develop the best way to present the material and make it easy for facilitators to use and reproduce in the classroom. An icon system was developed for activities, which were also provided on a CD for easy printing or sharing.