Brand Refresh Materials

Brand Refresh Materials

Association Bridge, LLC, which provides leadership training and advisory support for Homeowners Associations, approached All Things Creative to do a refresh of it’s existing brand. The goal was to better convey the company’s services and clean up the visual identity of the brand. We began by simply cleaning up the typography in the existing logo and locking up the new tagline.


original logo


new logo

We developed a new tagline that better represented what the company actually does for its clients.  A large part of the company’s expertise providing leadership training and guiding clients through “deep” (involved or difficult) processes and problems. Clients often come to them when they are “drowning” in some type of problem. Part of removing the ambiguity of the original tagline was clearly identifying the niche market and services, while still leaving room for interpretation.  In addition, the new verbiage actually ties into the visual elements of the logo.

Our next step was to design business cards for the company. The challenge was to present all of the necessary information while keeping it clean and easy to read. The solution was to do a short-folded card to allow for two additional surfaces that a standard business card wouldn’t have. This allowed us to fit all of the key information without it looking cluttered.



 Front and inside panels


Back panel


Finally, we developed a t-shirt as a conference promotional item. Using the brand colors and fun typography, we highlighted the company’s core ideology.